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Take home your favorite Chaos Divers merchandise, located all in one location.

Each purchase helps to support our continued mission. It allows us to ensure our equipment is up to the safety standards needed, travel expenses to assist families, and assists us in providing support to those in their darkest hours.

Keep Diving! It's not worth it to stop!

Master Diver Certification

Congratulations to Chaos Divers for the Master Diver Achievement

With an astounding effort, Chaos Divers earned his title as Master Diver at his home training facility, Mermet Springs, along with a few other divers.

Chaos has spent over two years pursuing higher levels of diving through continuing education, specialty courses, and real-life experience.

He completed the SSI Specialty Course- Search & Rescue, allowing him to level up!

Chaos Divers believes in receiving the best training and giving 100% effort to allow him to perform the safest dives, not only for himself, but other divers around him.

Cleaning up the Waterways

Fighting Crime & Litter

Recovering Treasures


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At Big Blue, they believe that "seaing" is believing.

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Mermet Springs

Diving in First Class for over 25 years! Visit Mermet Springs today to earn your diving certification!

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